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Areas Social action Social Welfare Formentera's unprecedented 'equality plan' defines 53 actions to promote more equitable society

Formentera's unprecedented 'equality plan' defines 53 actions to promote more equitable society

foto pla igualtat 2Yesterday the Formentera Council's social welfare department unveiled the island's very first “equality plan” before local community leaders in the Consell d'Entitats. Fruit not only of collaboration between distinct arms of the Council but also of the involvement of hometown associations and a broad array of community stakeholders, the strategic plan focuses on problems and needs specific to one group on the island in particular—women.

Social welfare department head Vanessa Parellada highlighted the plan's 13 objectives and all-encompassing 53 key measures, covering everything from promoting healthy work-family balance and non-gender-biased encouragement of leisure and sport to “creating a more egalitarian society and working to end gender violence”.

The first of its kind, the equality action plan arose from the findings of La Radial, a research and social-work group. It establishes five action areas (Work-family balance; Equal participation, leisure and free time; Towards a more egalitarian culture; Social care and gender violence; Incorporating a gender-based perspective at the Council level) as well as 13 goals and 53 key actions for the first four-year period. Each action area has an accompanying timeframe for completion based on progress during the four years.

With presentation before the Consell d'Entitats now complete, the strategic plan will be put to a vote in the October plenary session, followed by a public review period allowing islanders the opportunity to air comments.




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