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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera takes day to honour hometown law enforcement

Formentera takes day to honour hometown law enforcement

foto dia policia 018 1Three agents awarded special distinction for thirty years of service

The president's office of the Formentera Council reports that yesterday as part of hometown patron saint celebrations for local law enforcement, special distinctions were granted to three members of the island's police force: Senyora Genoveva Hernández García, Senyor Joan Mayans Cardona and Senyor Miquel Félix Moncada Ortiz.

Known as the “Police Merit Cross” (Creu al Mèrit Policial), the honour is given to agents who have completed thirty years of service, irrespective of rank and whether or not they are currently on active service or special assignment. To be eligible, an officer must not only possess an outstanding professional record clear of ongoing disciplinary action, he or she must have no disciplinary measures pending cancelation on their personal records.

The ceremony, which began around noon in the Council's Sala d'Actes, was attended by CiF chair Jaume Ferrer, the director general of the interior in the Balearics, Pere Perelló; chief of central government affairs for Eivissa and Formentera, Ramón Roca; national police inspector Manuel Hernández; Guardia Civil capitan Jose Antonio Gálvez; CiF deputy chair Bartomeu Escandell; Formentera chief of local police Félix Ramos; honorees; family and friends.


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