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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera mounts HiSun Point for UV-ray protection

Formentera mounts HiSun Point for UV-ray protection

foto HiSun Point 3This Tuesday, Formentera became the first island in the Pityusic archipelago to count among its possessions a machine known as the HiSun Point. The centrepiece of the project, which is headed up by the regional chapter of Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer and Majorcan firm Hi Services (hi-services.es), is an exclusively-designed modular structure combining cutting-edge dermatological diagnosis technology with educational outreach and care.

Equipped with an interactive touch screen, the device features a built-in programme to determine users' skin phototype, link to real-time UV ray data in the area, and offer tips on risk-free enjoyment of the sun's rays. Colour-coded “solar traffic signals” give information about various types of sun exposure and UV radiation risks.

The Council's acting chair, Susana Labrador, described the effort to provide clear information on staying safe from the sun and UV rays as“part of giving islanders and tourists the tools to properly care for their health”.

The HiSun Point is free to use, functions autonomously and will remain in Sant Francesc until year end, when officials will review whether to leave the device where it is or opt for another location. Assembly and rental of the equipment cost nearly eleven thousand euros, VAT not included.


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