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Council and coastal authority order derelict boat towed

foto retirada barco 2018Officials contacted the owner of a boat left on the shore of s'Estany des Peix to notify him of the situation and order him to pay the cost of removal. After tracking down the man, the watercraft was hauled away earlier today.

The ship had run aground after heavy rainfall this winter and was missing navigation equipment. The Council can order the immediate removal of any watercraft with characteristics that make it either unsafe for navigation or a spill risk. In such cases, the two agencies authorised to oversee withdrawal are Demarcació de Costes (the coastal authority in the Balearic Islands) and the environment department of the Govern balear. Any boat left immobile for more than one month on the public seashore can be considered refuse, a distinction allowing the Council to take direct action overseeing removal and issuing fines. The owner of the boat was located and made to pay the associated costs.

The Council, the coastal authority and the Govern balear all play a role in regulating moorage at s'Estany des Peix and overseeing patrols to ensure abandoned watercraft can be removed in short order. Regulations in place require a permit to be issued for any occupation of a public beach.


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