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Areas Social action Public participation Formentera puts tourism zoning proposal to community

Formentera puts tourism zoning proposal to community

CdE 2018The Formentera Council will convene the economic, neighbourhood, tourism and environment sections of the island's league of community leaders on Monday, May 14. During two evening sessions at 8.00pm and 8.30pm, sectorial groups within the Consell d'Entitats will be brought up to speed on the raw data and conclusions behind the administration's planned tourism zoning project.

The initiative stems from the July retooling of regional legislation on tourism, which lets the island councils set their own “tourism ceilings” (sostres turístics) fixing the maximum number of overnight stays allocated for holidaymakers. The law also gives local administrations a say defining where multi-family tourist rentals are permitted and where they are not.

The Council's committee on tourist zoning, or COT, announced the news today. Issues and proposals that arise from the sectorial gatherings will be picked up at future COT meetings. Ultimately, the full Consell d'Entitats assembly will convene to review and debate a final proposal.

CiF land, tourism and trade secretary Alejandra Ferrer and Sònia Cardona, her counterpart in citizen participation, called the plan “strategic”. Citing the potential of changes to impact the immediate future of the entire island, the two women called for “cool-headed reflection among the most possible stakeholders” and encouraged members of the associated sub-groups to “come get a first look at the Council's earliest proposals and the reasons behind them”.

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