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Funeral services

Formentera Cemetery

Formentera Cemetery photo

Formentera Cemetery is located very close to the town of Sant Francesc Xavier. It has been operating since the mid-30's. Currently has a capacity of 1,485 spaces, between niches and chapels.

Since a year ago, the Consell de Formentera, has been making a major effort to make a comprehensive and computerized census of all persons buried in the cemetery since its commissioning. One goal is to update existing older titles. To get the update, we have developed a series of steps to enable interested parties to go providing the necessary information.

For people who do not have a proper place for burial, since 2004, the Consell provides of 132 niches, at street of Ruda, which through temporary concessions (at least 5 years), can accommodate aremains, ever since the concessions are renewed on time.

For any procedure or management in relation to the cemetery, you can contact:

Regional Department of Social Welfare and Youth
Vénda des Brolls, 53 (former medical center) · 07860 Sant Francesc Xavier · tel. 971 321 271.




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