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Mobility plan for Ses Salines Park

Mobility plan for Ses Salines Park

Mobility plan for Ses Salines Park

Ses Salines Park includes a range of land and sea habitats highly valued from an ecological, scenic, historical and cultural standpoint. It boasts considerable populations of breeding seabirds, from hibernating to migratory species, as well as a wealth of local flora and fauna, resources used in traditional fishing and a wide variety of beautiful natural landscapes. All of this has earned the park its status as one of the island's main tourist attractions.

Posidonia oceanica (or Neptune Grass in English) is a characteristic symbol of the biological biodiversity at the park. Posidonia seagrass at Ses Salines Park was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.
Salt extraction is a time-tested local industry of great historical, cultural, social and economic importance. It also makes for a distinctly unique landscape that is perfectly in tune with the island's natural ecosystems.
One of the most crucial aspects of the Formentera Council's stewardship of the park is traffic control. This is due to the high volume of beach visitors that come by car. Traffic control services are overseen by IBIFOR S.L., which holds the concession contract.

The Comprehensive Plan for Sustainable Mobility was developed to harmonise the public's use of this natural space with conservation efforts. Another aim is to smooth vehicle circulation within the park while ensuring compliance with speed limits and parking rules and easy park-access for emergency vehicles.
Parking and locations: the maximum capacity set by Ses Salines administrators is 1,132 scooters and 384 cars for the park's 13 parking lots

Each parking lot has at least one reduced-mobility parking space (13 spaces total).
Use of reduced-mobility spaces is reserved for individuals with a reduced-mobility card (“Targeta de transport per a persones amb mobilitat reduïda”).

Guidelines for the management of parking services at the Ses Salines Park
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Ordinance on fees applied to vehicles accessing Ses Salines Park
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Park maintenance funded by parking proceeds:
-Maintenance of roads leading to Ses Illetes and Llevant beaches.
-Watering dirt roads with fresh water.
-Recycling bins
-Maintenance of parking lots, walkways, access points and beaches.
-Noontime rubbish collection.
-Park ambassador.
-Park outreach campaigns.

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