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La campanya informativa de la zona blava arriba als turistes

foto-oficina-informacio---turi1El Consell de Formentera, a través de l’àrea de Mobilitat, ha seguit amb el desplegament de la campanya informativa sobre el servei d’estacionament regulat que s’ha implantat a les principals localitats de l’illa en els darrers anys.

“Si el mes de gener varem fer una campanya adreçada als residents, ara l’hem adaptada als visitants” segons ha explicat el conseller de Mobilitat Rafael González, que ha afegit que “amb aquesta campanya explicativa s’espera resoldre tots els dubtes d’utilització de la zona blava entre els turistes que ens visiten”.

Tríptics informatius
Els tríptics informatius editats per la campanya, així com la web, han estat traduïts a l’anglès i l’italià, per arribar a tots els visitants. En un inici la campanya s’havia fet en català i castellà. En el tríptic s’explica el funcionament i horaris de les zones d’estacionament regulat i es resolen els principals dubtes.

Els controladors del servei d’aparcament i treballadors de les oficines d’informació turística són els encarregats de repartir els 2.200 exemplars que s’han imprès (1.100 en català i castellà i 1.100 en anglès i italià), entre els turistes i els llogaters de vehicles.

“L’objectiu final però és que els propis llogaters i informadors turístics derivin als nostres visitants a la web creada per aquesta campanya, www.zonablava.com, on s’aglutina tota la informació i que així d’una manera fàcil puguin conèixer el funcionament de l’estacionament regulat a Formentera”, segons el conseller.

15 minuts per ajudar el comerç
Un dels principals missatges d’aquesta campanya versa sobre la utilització dels aparcaments de 15 minuts que han estat la novetat de la zona blava implantada en Sant Francesc i Sant Ferran. L’ús d’aquests aparcaments és gratuït per tothom, turistes i residents, que poden treure un tiquet que els permet aparcar durant 15 minuts.

Els aparcaments de 15 minuts, estan repartits de manera estratègica pels dos nuclis urbans, i es varen crear arran una petició dels comerços per afavorir la rotació de vehicles, així, segons Rafael González “els usuaris dels cotxes poden aparcar 15 minuts per fer la compra i facilitem l’accés al comerç local”.

Consell de Formentera
Àrea de Comunicació
24 de maig de 2019

Formentera regulates access at es Cap lighthouse May 15-October 15

cartel faro 2019-1-The Formentera Council's mobility department announces the reactivation, Wednesday May 15, of a scheme to limit motorcycle, car and moped access to es Cap de Barbaria lighthouse in 2019. The scheme will be enforced until October 15 in a bid to keep crowds at the monument to a minimum and preserve “Sa Tanca d'allà dins” as a tranquil, natural setting.

Tracing current plans to revive the apparatus to the success of last year's effort, secretary Rafael González said the setup was aimed at keeping crowds at the monument to a minimum and preserving a tranquil, natural setting.

Restricted access to the monument has been in effect the last two years, relying on a road block at kilometre marker 6.5 of the es Cap de Barbaria road. The setup was implemented on a pilot run from July 1 to September 15 in 2017 and June 25 to September 30 last year.

This year the period of regulation will be extended across the entire season to make sure visits to es Cap's far, or lighthouse, and the es Garroveret defense tower are pleasurable—and easy—for tourists and islanders alike.

With parking for 60 cars and 100 motor scooters is available on an adjacent plot, motorists can get out and walk or cycle the remainder of the path to the lighthouse.

Access for people with reduced mobility
During peak visiting hours, 11.00am to 1.00pm and 6.00pm to 10.00pm, an attendant beside the barrier will allow access to people with reduced mobility and provide visitors with information about the new measures.

The Formentera Council has put together a pamphlet that will be distributed at rental car agencies, tourist information offices and the es Cap entry and control point. Posters have also been published and will be posted at various points around the island, including Council bulletin boards.

May 13, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Vehicle entry regulated from Monday May 13 at ses Salines nature reserve

peatge-control-entrada-illetes1The Formentera Council's mobility office reports that Monday, May 13, operators will begin regimenting vehicle access to the Parc Natural de ses Salines. Formentera residents can continue to park vehicles at the reserve all season long at no charge.

Non-residents, meanwhile, will be asked to pay €4 per car and €2 per mopeds. The price climbs to €5 and €3, respectively, between June 1 and July 15; and reaches its peak between July 16 and August 31 (€6 and €4). The amount will drop again in first half of September and once again from September 15-30 (€5/€3 and €4/€2, respectively).

Access is free for drivers with reduced mobility and those with electric vehicles as well as for walkers and cyclists. Drivers of hybrid vehicles are entitled to a 50% discount.

Controlled access to parking areas near Illetes beach will be in force until September 30. At car parks serving es Cavall d'en Borràs and Llevant beaches, attendants will be on duty from June 1 to September 15. The patrolled entry points will be open from 9.00am to 5.00pm in low season and 9.00am to 8.00pm in high season.

Prohibitions and vehicle restrictions
As part of an effort to foment sustainable forms of transport and safeguard the protected land, four-by-fours are expressly prohibited within the confines of the nature reserve. Plus, controlled access will be implemented for regular and discretional buses as a rush-hour traffic avoidance measure.

Oversized vehicles, such as lorries carrying products to nearby restaurants, are also restricted during peak visiting times.

May 10, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

80 new blue zone parking spaces added in la Savina

The Formentera Council's mobility office reports that the new blue zone parking on the western side of la Savina port—currently the site of parking for rental cars—will be incorporated into the island's metred or “regulated” parking scheme from tomorrow, Monday May 13.

The system will be unveiled—and will function just like in other parts of la Savina and other towns of the island—as soon as the Council obtains the go-ahead from the Balearic port authority to manage parking in the area.

The move will add 80 extra zona blava parking spaces in la Savina. An overflow parking lot has also been opened opposite plaça Illes Pitiüses.

May 12, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council


it-1-Italian, French and German versions of the formentera.eco website added early this week have brought the site's total number of available languages to six, marking a leap forward in terms of the service's reach and accessibility. In the day's since the April 15 launch of the reservations portal, the service has logged close to 2,130 reservations—1,052 for vehicles driven by visiting motorists; 357 for cars registered on the island, and the rest for vehicles that complete a separate set of conditions. No incidents have been reported and applicants have yet to reach any of the vehicle entry caps established under the scheme.

May 3, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

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